Change isn’t always a bad thing

People always change and they will continue to, whether it may be little or huge differences in a person. Changing isn’t a bad thing at all; everyone around you is constantly changing.

Changing to be more of a negative person will only change you into someone you never wanted to be. You won’t really notice how you have changed, but other people will. Different events or situations in our own lives have all shaped us into the person we are and if you really wanted to, you could change who you have become.

At any time in your life, you can change yourself into a different person. I feel like if you’re changing for yourself, then that change is good. If you aren’t a bad person, then you don’t need to change for other people. If they don’t like you the way that you are, then you shouldn’t be around such people. When you change for people to like you more, you won’t be yourself anymore.

Learning to love yourself is key. You shouldn’t change yourself unless it’s to be the best person you could be. Always try to change to make yourself a positive person. Change makes us grow. It makes us who we are.

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