Sunshine members bond and learn valuable lessons at state convention

Sunshine State convention recently took place on Nov. 4. At this event, all of the Sunshine organizations from lots of different places got together to discuss different topics. SHS Sunshine went to learn about different fundraising techniques that are being used to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital.

At the convention, a Riley Children’s Hospital family came in to tell everyone their story. Throughout their story, they taught three different lessons: one was about being healthy, one was about self-defense, and the last one was about canvas paintings.

Besides attending the state convention, Sunshine Society also went shopping and bonded together over the course of the trip.

“It was fun, just don’t trust Izzy Myszak (12) with navigation. It was a really good bonding experience for all the girls. When they came back, they were all very excited,” said Sunshine Sponsor Tonya Callahan.

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