“Innocent victim” not as innocent as originally thought

Written by: Ally Justice

If you have any form of social media you have probably heard of or seen the viral video of a boy, Keaton Jones, being bullied. Jones’ mother posted a video on Facebook with her son telling his story of how he was bullied. The perpetrators reportedly made fun of his physical appearance, saying he had no friends and poured milk on him. Jones was obviously upset in this video as he shared his story. Jones expressed that “everyone is different” and he doesn’t know why that bullies pick on “innocent people.” 

At first everyone was pitying this boy, for good reason. Everyone was led to believe that Jones is just an innocent victim, but is that the case? Not long after the video surfaced claims were being made that the reason that all of this was inflicted on Jones is because he was being racist towards several students and calling them by racial slurs. This is up for debate by many. In addition to this, Jones has raised around 60,000 dollars on a Go Fund Me page started by his mother. The general questions are, how can this be proven? Does he deserve what he got? Why does he need all of that money?

The more information that comes about, the more people get skeptical. This story is getting a lot of attention and many have an opinion about it. Bullying happens and most would agree that every rule should be set that can prevent it. Saying this, the true meaning of this video and the purpose of it is unknown, especially now. So was this truly a bullying against  an “innocent” person?

On Twitter, I conducted a poll that asked the question: Does Keaton Jones deserve the attention/sympathy/money he’s received? Of the 47 people that voted, 81% of people said no, leaving 19% of people that voted yes.

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