Think before you post, like or comment

Every picture, every caption and every time you push send, it is out there for the public to see. Your posting can affect the way people see you and how you see yourself, whether it be positive or negative. This is your social media footprint.

I personally struggle with people liking and commenting on my posts. I see that someone I know very well receives 200 or more likes, when I only receive 30. This really lowers my self-esteem. In reality, likes and comments shouldn’t matter to me. Likes do not determine how popular I am.

On the contrary, you shouldn’t just post something without checking on it first. I’ve made many mistakes in my past by sharing wrong information or information that is not classified. If you want to be trusted, read over your posts to make sure they are safe and contain the correct information.

Disregarding the negatives of social media, social media can also have a positive impact. It can be a source that allows you to share your daily life with people all over the world. You can message long-distance friends or even make new friends. Social media is a new source for communication and will continue to advance in the future.

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