Paoli Peaks provides cold snowy fun

Cold, snowy and fun, the three things you can experience at Paoli Peaks in Paoli, Indiana.

The options on what you can do are limitless. You can ski, snowboard or even go sledding (sledding is located on the other side of the location.)
Once you have entered the building and paid, you go upstairs and get a pair of boots and skis that are hanging on the wall.

The amount of routes you can go on are limited, especially those who are just starting out learning. The “bunny hill”, or the starter hill, is where ski lessons are taught, but depending on what time and day you go, the space on that hill is very limited because of the overcrowding.

For fun, you could go to a store and buy a bag of m&m’s for each person in the group that is going. When you go down a hill, you eat an m&m. Once your bag and the rest of the groups’ is empty, you can go home.

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