Teachers work harder than we think

Many might think teachers have it easy. They have a good salary, go home early in the afternoon and get the same breaks as students do. However, those statements are false, especially the first one. Many teachers work second jobs for different reasons. Whether it’s because of a passion they have, to serve their family or to even out their debt income ratio.

New Tech administrative assistant Tom Harlow also works at Save-A-Lot as a cashier. Adam DePriest, math teacher, trains labs as a hobby. Matt McGlothlin is a math teacher and preacher.

Balancing two different jobs is easy for Harlow.

“I go from one job to the next. I’m on different schedules for each, so it’s easy to manage.” said Harlow.

On the other hand, DePriest said it is often hard to manage time.

Time management is not one of my strong suits, but it is something I have improved on as a result of raising and training labs,” said DePriest.

DePriest and McGlothlin found having a second job can also help and benefit the other job that they have.

“I think preaching is very much like teaching.  I’m probably more like a teacher than a preacher when I deliver sermons,” said McGlothlin.

Overall, all three teachers agree that two jobs can be hard sometimes, but worth it at the end of the day.

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