Current sports players receive a healthy dose from the past

To better themselves, high school sports teams often times practice with alumni players. By playing with alumni players, new strategies can be taught to current players.

New Tech Principal Mr. Jacob Johanningsmeier, former basketball player, said, “I absolutely love playing against the high school guys. I remember as a player occasionally playing against past graduates and remember how much I enjoyed it.”

According to Johanningsmeier, the boys’ basketball team has played against the alumni players three to four times this year.

SHS wrestler Brandon Sexton (12) said he has learned a lot throughout the years from playing with them.

“I feel like they know more than we do, and we have a lot to learn from them,” said Sexton.

When students get the chance to play with people who have come from experience with the sport, they are pushed to better themselves.

Johanningsmeier believes the main thing is playing against guys that are bigger. Due to this, the boys are forced to be stronger and more physical.

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