JAG program making its way into SHS

A state-wide project called JAG has been around for 3 decades, but it is just now making way into SCSD2. JAG stands for Jobs for American Graduates. The program was started up to help prevent kids from dropping out. Over these years, three quarters of a million students have stayed in school because of this program. SHS English Teacher Mrs. Herald said, “I think it is a great resource that will offer them great resources in schools and give them good opportunities when they graduate.”

JAG’s main mission is to reduce poverty and the unemployment rates of current students that will be making their way into the work force soon. If a student signs up for JAG, they will receive their own JAG Specialist that advises them on what decisions to make and to encourage them when they feel like giving up. According to jag.org, the JAG program hopes to “develop future leaders for families, employers communities, states and the nation.”

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