What you should know about keeping yourself safe at school

Do you feel safe here at school? You might, and then again you might not. If you do not you may be inclined to carry pepper spray. However, this is something that you should not do. Pepper spray is not allowed on the school campus. In the handbook, it does not specifically list all the things that are considered weapons that you can get in trouble for.

“Nearly anything that administration can reasonably deem as a weapon can not be allowed. There is not a specific list,” said New Tech Principal Jacob Johanningsmeier.

If a student feels unsafe, it is suggested that a staff member should be contacted.

“Our staff goes through training to tackle a vast number of issues. Communication is always the key to keeping students safe,” stated Johanningsmeier.

If, however, a student is being harassed by a teacher or other adult, they may not be inclined to tell a staff member for fear that they will not be taken seriously.

However, Johanningsmeier stated, “Students should always try to get adults to handle these situations. Students involved in altercations need to try to remove themselves from the situation as quickly as possible.”

If students feel unsafe, then they should not carry items that could be considered as weapons, such as pepper spray. They should instead communicate with the adults in the building, including teachers, counselors or administrators.

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