Inmates are receiving free meals while high school students are forced to pay for their lunches

 In most jail facilities, prisoners are provided with all of the necessities they need, like free healthcare, dental care, education, clothing, laundry service and food. High school students, on the other hand, are having the pay for their school lunches and what they are paying for is not even as much as what prisoners get. Students should be receiving free lunches. Some families struggle with paying for their child’s lunch. I think that inmates should be the ones having to pay for their lunches, not students.

The saddest part is that inmates receive way more food than students do. A normal meal that is given to inmates usually consists of: juice, meat, milk or coffee, bread, vegetables and chips. It is not fair that inmates who have more than likely done terrible things get their food for  free, but innocent high school students have to pay for their lunch. Why are we treating criminals who have broken the law better and providing way more for them more than students? It is terrible and needs to be fixed. High school students deserve to be treated better than inmates.

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