FFA members get the chance to show off their knowledge at District Contest

Written by: Rita Nicholson

“It’s not all cows, plows, and sows,” says Ken McMichael, one of the head advisors of FFA.

FFA is a vocational agriculture class, which means students can use the classroom knowledge they gain outside the classroom. They will get an opportunity to do so at the District Contest on March 3 at Hope Howser High School.  

“The District Contest is a competition between the 20 plus Chapters in our FFA district. At this contest, students will compete against FFA members from other Chapters in different disciplines that are taught in the class,” says Mr. McMichael.

There are a variety of competitions that will take place. Just a few are livestock judging, impromptu public speaking, and Quiz Bowl. Students take time in class to prepare for the competitions.

Kaitlinne Moldero (10), will be competing in Quiz Bowl.

“We’ve been practicing two to three times a week, and I think we have a great team and will do really well collectively as a Chapter,” Moldero says.

Students had the opportunity to compete in a mock trial to better prepare for the District Contest.

“We had a mock contest to kind of help students prepare, so we had community people come in and the students did their speeches and demonstrations and things of that nature before our judges, and the judges gave feedback as to what they could do better and improve,” says Mr. McMichael.

Shirley Witt (9), is confident in Scottsburg’s abilities to perform well at District Contest.

“Everyone competing has really perfected the things they’re competing in. When we had a mock contest, the judges were really impressed with everything we did,” Witt says.

The results of this year’s District Contest are uncertain in Mr. McMichael’s mind. He is unsure of how Scottsburg will perform.

“I truthfully have no idea. There are so many variables when it comes to a contest,” he says.

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