A bad seed can ruin the whole crop in today’s society

As a kid growing up with siblings, I remember always getting into trouble because my siblings would not fess up to what they did. As they grew up and moved out, even after being the last kid left, I find myself being shadowed by their wrong doings.  If I had not joined soccer I would not have had a phone until 16, which would have been my sophomore year. Even now, I am unintentionally compared to my siblings for the mistakes they made. 

Granted, as a kid it made slightly more sense to punish everyone; it was more of a threat to get someone to confess. As kids get older, however, if one child made a mistake, the other children should not have repercussions for something that they did not do. The line of punishment should stop at the child who did it and not expect the other children to do the same things. It is just not fair.

Even in school, if one person causes trouble, others are unfairly punished to prove a point. This happened at SHS recently when two students almost got into a fight at lunch. To stop the fighting, Mr. Manns made a threat to the students saying that they would all be receiving assigned seats during the lunches if the drama continued.  

In a way the threat of assigned seats worked, there have been no more fights during lunch since, but what if it had not worked? Would the seating have actually changed? Even though it is working for now, what would happen if the last month of school a fight broke out? If students were to be assigned seats because of two people who cannot get along, the fighting would not stop. In the end, the students would have nothing else to lose and more fights might happen, possibly over the new seating arrangement.

I do not think that it is fair to students who do right and who do not cause trouble. If someone in class is being disruptive during work time, the rest of the class should not lose class time. If someone hits someone else, the person who has been hit should not get in trouble as well. If it is not your fault, you should not get in trouble, plain and simple.

The same thing goes for the more controversial gun topic. If someone decides that they really want to go out and kill someone, then they will do it with or without a gun. Everyday someone could have a gun just to keep it locked up for their own enjoyment or to shoot at a shooting range sometimes. Some people buy guns to shoot deer or squirrels, but if one person out of every 100 or so decides to buy a gun to shoot a person, every gun owner is a labeled horrible person. That should not be how it works. Someone who owns a stick could kill someone, so could a dedicated duck, but people do not try and outlaw ducks or sticks.

Take away the fact that some people kill and most do not. Take away the fact that people are scared. Take away guns to ‘keep people safe’ and that is exactly what happens. Just because one person shoots someone, the other millions of legal safe gun owners lose their rights. They lose many things including their right to bear arms and their right to protect themselves from others. One person doing wrong should not affect every other person who has or plans to have a gun.

In the end, one person throughout everyone’s life has the power to ruin everything for everybody else. One bad seed can ruin the whole crop, and that is what is happening everyday for millions of people. This is not the way things should be. If one child makes a mistake, they should, alone, get punished and let that be it. If kids get in a fight, break it up and punish them. Do not let it go and then threaten the whole school with assigned seats. If one person shoots another, put them in prison, but do not take away the peoples rights. Making everyone pay and suffer for the wrongdoings of one person is not likely to end well. In the end, it is not fair to punish everyone else who is doing right by the rules.

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