“Truth or Dare” does not please

The age old question: truth or dare? This is the question that college student Olivia and her friends are faced with, and if the question is not honestly answered, or if the dare is not completed, death is imminent.

Olivia and her friends decide to escape to Mexico for one final spring break, but when led to an abandoned mission in the hills by a seemingly harmless stranger for a game of truth or dare, the game seems to follow them home in the form of hallucinations. The questions and dares that the hallucinations ask become increasingly more personal, gory and dangerous.

While the premise for the movie is good, the entirety of the movie was fraught with cliché horror movie tropes, laughably unrealistic characters and questionable cinematography. There are very few plot twists, and the ones that exist are predictable. The trickster behind the sinister game is, as most would suspect, a demon. Little creativity was involved when coming up with an antagonist, it seems.

The only good note I have is the fact that the characters seemed to be relatively fleshed out. While their character traits seemed unrealistic, or laughable, at least they had some sort of personality.

While I normally disagree with the critics, I firmly stand with them on Truth or Dare. It was a poorly put together movie, and is not worth watching.

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