Become aware of the possibility of dry-drowning with summer approaching

It is factual that people can die by being submerged in and suffocated by water. It is also a fact that people can die from drowning within 24 hours of being out of water. As strange as it sounds, “dry-drowning” is becoming more of an issue. What may start off as a innocent pool party could turn into a life threatening situation.

Dry-drowning cases have occured more with younger, unsupervised children, but nevertheless it can happen to anyone. The medical definition of dry drowning, according to the American Osteopathic Association, is that dry and secondary drowning can occur after inhaling water through the nose or mouth. In cases of dry drowning, the water triggers a spasm in the airway, causing it to close up and impact breathing. You do not just have to be in a pool to suffer from secondary drowning this can happen while in the bathtub or playing with a sprinkler.

When looking for signs of dry drowning, or secondary drowning, it is common to see symptoms within 24 hours of being out of water. If a person swallows water, or is in a body of water for a long time, one should start checking for the following symptoms: trouble breathing, coughing, sleepiness or drop of energy levels, chest pains and/or vomiting.

As the pool season approaches, be cautious of the signs and symptoms for dry drowning. Make sure someone is aware that you are going to go swimming, that way if something were to happen they would be able to watch for signs. Overall, just be careful when playing in or near water.

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