Mosquito season quickly approaching

As summer is approaching, so are the annoying bugs that not only fly around our faces and get in our food, but also give us those unwanted, itchy bites: mosquitoes. Although we make think there are no other options than bug spray to keep these nasty insects away, there are actually several different cheap and easy home remedies and hacks available. 

According to, mosquitoes can be more attracted to certain people than others. Mosquitoes land on people to bite them and drink their blood. They do this to harvest the proteins from the blood. A study shows that mosquitos are more likely to land on people who have the blood type O over any other blood type.

They can easily locate their next targets by smelling carbon dioxide. continues to say that people with larger bodies release more carbon dioxide which causes them to be more susceptible to mosquito bites.

They are also drawn towards people with higher body temperatures. Exercise increases lactic acid and heat in your body. Therefore, people who regularly exercise will probably get more bites than someone who does not.

Not saying that having blood type O, regularly exercising, or having a larger body is necessarily bad, but knowing what might cause excessive amounts of mosquito bites can help the bites be prevented.

According to, Mosquitos hate lavender so many people will use lavender fragrances or essential oils to keep them away. Other plants people might use are feverfew, citronella and catnip.

Another way to keep these nasty bugs away would be by eating garlic. Not only do they hate the smell, but the taste too. When humans eat garlic, it later gets gently released from their pores as a garlic oil. The garlic smell will work as a repellent and a shield when mosquitos land on the skin and taste the garlic oil. Apple cider vinegar will do the same thing. To reduce the taste, mix it with water then drink.

Bats are animals that feed off mosquitos. With the bats eating them, it greatly reduces the population. There are several ways to and ideas to attract bats online.

By reducing the amount of standing water, it will also reduce the amount of mosquitos. They like to lay their eggs in places like puddles, birdbaths, and even pets’ water bowls.

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