“Station 19” perseveres through first season

From precision and accuracy to bravery and fearlessness, “Station 19” follows the path of Ben Warren, who transfers from the surgical residency program to being a rookie at the nearby fire station, Station 19. Although the two seem majorly different, Warren soon learns that the same skills he used to perform surgeries in the OR are used to persevere through fires and save lives from burning homes.

When the current fire chief at Station 19, Chief Herrera, becomes ill and can no longer perform the role of fire chief, his daughter, Andy Herrera, and her current acquaintance and Chief Herrera’s longest running lieutenant, Jack Gibson, must battle it out for the captain position that is now up for grabs. Not only does this cause a strong competition between the two, but it also puts strains on not only their relationship, but releases bad vibes throughout the entire fire station.

Each episode of “Station 19” leaves me on edge at each commercial break. The episodes combine brutal fires and amazing saves with just the right amount of drama and conflict to create the perfect reality of what a life of a firefighter could actually be. Since this show is associated with the “Grey’s Anatomy” series, every now and then, scenes will feature some of the cast members from “Grey’s Anatomy”, like Meredith Grey and the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Bailey, husband of Ben Warren.

I strongly recommend watching this series to everyone, especially those who have seen “Grey’s Anatomy”. It gives you a second glimpse at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital from a different perspective and also gives you a glimpse into that of what the life of a firefighter could be. “Station 19” airs every Thursday after “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC. So, if you have time on Thursday nights, I strongly recommend indulging yourself in the lives of the firefighters of “Station 19”.

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