Sunshine girls reveal themselves to their ideal ladies

After a year of giving gifts and inspiration, the Sunshine girls revealed themselves to their ideal ladies at the annual Sunshine Ideal Lady Tea.

Freshman Lyla Waskom’s Ideal Lady, Brittany Banister, said, “It is a huge honor to be chosen as an Ideal Lady.  In high school, I remember what a hard choice it was to pick just one influential lady in my life. Knowing that Lyla thought enough of me to have chosen me as her Ideal Lady makes me so happy.”

Waskom said that Banister was the first person that came to her mind. She said that she has admired Banister ever since she was her kindergarten teacher.

Sunshine Vice President Izzy Myszak said that she thought the tea went very well.

“Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and a lot of the ladies loved having them along with it and all that was incorporated into it.”

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