Seniors reminisce on their favorite memories from high school

“My favorite memory from high school was when we went to New York last year, August 17th, and we went to Boston, Connecticut and New York in three days,” said Juliet Nichols 
” My favorite memory from high school was the New York trip that me and Juliet went on,” said Megan Rosemeyer. 
“My favorite memory would be the Austin game from my junior year. The girls and boys game, it’s just one of those things that everyone got together and were so rowdy. All of the games were so close and everyone was on the edge of their seats. Everyone rushed to the courts when we won both times and it felt cool to cheer on your team from the cheer block and be a part of that,” said Megan Johnson. 
Glowing up would have to be the best thing to happen to me throughout high school,” said Dalton Baker. 

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