Baseball seniors take their baseball careers to the next level

On May 22nd, seniors Bradley Whitler, Josh Kreinbring and Isaiah Barber signed to continue their academic and baseball careers at their respective schools.image1.jpg

Whilter signed to the University of Indianapolis.

“I’ve always wanted to play college baseball, and [UIndy} has a good health program. I chose to play college baseball because baseball has always been my favorite sport and I could not pass on the opportunity. My high school career has influenced my decision greatly because, after my freshman year, I was not sure if I wanted to play in college, but my coach encouraged me to try to play at the next level. Our coach this year has been a big part of me signing with UIndy,” said Whitler.

Regarding his signing to Kentucky Christian University, Krienbring said, “I chose KCU because I wanted a faith-based education and a place where I could play baseball. It has always been a dream of mine to play college baseball. High school baseball prepared me for the next level and it increased my passion for the game.”

Barber, who signed to Oakland City, said, “[Oakland] has good academic and a widely respected baseball program. Baseball has always been a huge part of my life and playing college ball has always been a dream of mine. It is a great opportunity that most high school athletes do not get.”

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