Warriorette soccer faces challenging start to season

Photo by Elle Fleenor

The Warriorette soccer team kicked off its season with their second away game against the Seymour Owls. The girls were defeated by Seymour, 0-3.

“I think this game was actually one of our best nights, but we could have fought a little harder for possession of the ball,” said Olivia Watson (11).

It is first away game was against the Madison Cubs on Aug. 13. Coach Matt McGlothlin described his team’s first game as “okay, but disappointing since some players were not eligible to play yet.”

According to Kynleigh Watson (11), the team had some “really nice chips”. The girls worked to defeat the Cubs, but the game ended up being a tie with a score of 2-2. Both goals were made by Allyson Barger (10).

“I was so happy to make two goals, but overall proud of my team for playing well,” said Barger.

To start off the season the Warriorettes had a scrimmage against Madison on Aug. 8. They had one point less than the Cubs, and lost with a score of 1-2.

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