ChillBurger offers new and interesting menu and restaurant environment

A new restaurant in Clarksville has opened called ChillBurger. ChillBurger has a unique environment that I feel most people will enjoy. ChillBurger has a Five Guys type feel to it as you walk to the counter and order, and then find your own seat and then they will find you by looking at the number they give you. The menu includes two different sized burgers, the 8 ounce and the 4 ounce. You can be as creative as you want while ordering your burger as some of the sides include jalapeños and peanut butter. Another creative thing about it is that the names of some of the burgers include Mr. President, The Governor and the Elvis which includes peanut butter already topped on the burger.

I recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes burgers and likes to get in and get out quick. Also if you like a unique environment where people are all talking and having a good time then I highly recommend Chill Burger.  When I went, there was hardly a seat open but the food was still out in no longer than 10 minutes. The prices range from around eight dollars to fourteen dollars. ChillBurger is a good place to eat before a big day of plans such as shopping or going to the zoo.


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