Immigration still a major problem in the U.S.

Illegal immigration has been a very controversial subject for a large amount of time and
Americans have a very mixed opinion about it. The issue America is facing is causing a division and an unhealthy relationship among its people. Some would disagree with the decisions made by the Trump administration, but when the decisions affect others we have more pressing matters.

Some people feel as if immigrants seeking asylum in America without the proper
background checks and transition to become an American citizen should be deported or go through this process. Others feel that because the transition and immigration process takes so long, and some may not be able to afford the visas and the trip to America they should not undergo the process.

Either way immigrating to America can be hard, but most of the people who try to enter
America want more opportunities for themselves and their families, and with that threat of being deported is very nerve-racking.

Deportation affects everyone everywhere. There is even someone at Scottsburg High
Schools who have gone through the terrible experience of deportation. Their parent was deported two years ago leaving their family financially unstable and without a parent. Their parent is still in Mexico.

The Trump administration is giving the immigrants a choice. They can either have their
whole family deported by waiving the rights of their children, or they could allow their children to stay in the US to seek asylum. Many of these families have been threatened or forced to agree to their own deportation, and there are roughly 700 children that their parents have been deported. This is a large number of families separated at the border, and it needs to end.

We can write and talk about it, but we are unable to understand what these people are
going through without truly experiencing it. We need to better understand what is happening so we can make a change and difference. We can not ignore what is happening to these people and think they are criminals. They are people with families who come to America to have a better life with more opportunities. They are people too.

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