Parking adjustments made to eliminate safety concerns

IMG_0810With the start of the 2018-2019 school year, adjustments were made to student and staff parking on campus. Students are no longer permitted to park in red coded sections on the map shown below. The major change for students is front row parking. The front row, closest to the entrance, of spaces in front of the HSTW’s building is now reserved for staff only. To accommodate student parking, spaces on the north side of the building, closest to the tennis courts, are now reserved for student parking. All staff parking spots are now visibly marked as “STAFF”.

Campus Principal Ric Manns said, “It was an unsafe situation. We have some safety issues last school year. In order to eliminate those risks we adjusted the front row parking to be for staff only. It’s safer for students backing out, student drivers heading to their cars and buses. It was a safety precaution that we felt was in the best interests of the students.”

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