Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen offers new and different kind of fast food to Scottsburg


By Sadie Fugate

From Louisiana cooking to southern hospitality, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has made its way to southern Indiana. Popeyes made its debut in Scottsburg on Aug. 20, offering a new and refreshing menu, rather than just burgers and fries. I had never had Popeyes before until I went with a few friends the day after it opened, and I was actually surprised by the way it turned out.

Although Popeyes was super busy, due to it being opening week, the service and food were not tampered by the rush of people in and out of the drive-thru and actual restaurant.  My order was taken in five minutes or less and I had my food in less than 10 minutes.

Finding a place to sit was a whole different story. It might just have been because it was opening week, but we could hardly find a place to sit due to almost every table being full. Not only that, but the inside of the restaurant is not really that big in the first place.

I ordered popcorn shrimp, a biscuit, mashed potatoes and a drink, at approximately $7, which is not that bad of a price. The food itself was really good. The food had good flavor and was spicy, which is something I enjoy. If you are not that big of a spicy food fan, Popeyes might not be a good food choice for you.

The new Popeyes was worth the wait. Not only was the food great, but the service was great as well. I highly recommend trying out the new Popeyes if you are up for a new and different kind of fast food.

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