Boys’ soccer team puts in team effort to win games

By Abby Richey

The boys are still pushing their way through the season as they continue to work hard for progress and wins. Since Aug. 25, the boys have had a total of four games, changing their current record to 5-3-1.

Aug. 28, the boys played Henryville and took home the win with a total score of 3-1.

Overall we played well. We played with sportsmanship and a cool head which was an improvement from last year,” said Coach Brandon Jerrell.

The three goals came from Keyton Hollan (10), Ethan Harrison (10), and Jackson Campbell (10).

“It felt good to score,” said Hollan. “I always love scoring because it makes me proud of myself and hopefully makes my teammates proud of me as well,” he continued.

The boys also had a game Aug. 30 against Charlestown. “This was our first conference win, and Charlestown was a talented team. To come away with a 3-0 win was huge for us,” said Jerrell.

During this game Noah Smith (10), Friederich Ostertag (10) and Cornelius Mertens (11) all scored and helped their team take home the win.

“This is the only game so far in this season where I can honestly say everyone played at their best. I can’t say any players stood out from the rest. They all played phenomenally,” said Jerrell. “This was our best game so far this season. We pressured every ball that came through the midfield and forced a lot of bad passes from the other team. We dominated possession, made dangerous runs, and it showed in the final result,” Jerrell continued.


The boys played Shawe Memorial on Sept. 1, and won 5-2. “We moved the ball really well in the middle and offensive third. We have a few improvements to make on defense; it should have been 5-0, but we made some errors on what should have been simple plays and Shawe capitalized on both opportunities,” said Jerrell.

Although there were five goals made, there is no information available as to who made them.

At their most recent game on Sept. 5 against SHS rival, Austin High School, the boys won the game 9-0.

Out of everyone, Jerrell says that Noah Smith stood out. “Noah Smith hit our first goal of the game that opened up the floodgates. It was a great shot from the 18,” said Jerrell.

Even though their score implies that the boys had a good game, Jerrell said, “It’s hard to tell how well we played. Once we got up 2-0 Austin stopped trying.”

Our passing has improved tremendously. We are finding each other on the field and playing as a team,” said Jerrell. “Our biggest weakness right now is that we are not recognizing situations where we need to be selfish. When we get past the the opponent’s 18 we keep looking for a pass instead of a shot,” he continued.

They suffered their first conference loss on Sept. 10 against a bigger and quicker North Harrison team. The final score was 3-2.

Coming up, the boys will play on Sept. 12 against Silver Creek. Following that on Sept. 13-15, they will have their Warrior Cup.

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