Fishing team continues to practice to prepare for upcoming tournaments

By Elle Fleenor

The bass fishing team has participated in yet another tournament. It was an inner-team tournament, and out of the twelve members that went, Alex Brown (11) and Braden Barger (10) were the winners with their bass that weighed 2.18 pounds and measured to be 16 inches long.

Brown said, “All around, it was a great day for me and my partner. It felt great, especially after going all day not catching a fish that was big enough to keep.”

The team is now gearing up for their next scheduled tournament at Lake Monroe on Oct. 6.

Coach Bill Buckner said, “I am really evaluating the team to understand what members should be teamed together and what members are actually ready for the eight hour tournament. We will be doing four hour tournaments as much as possible before then.”

Buckner also said that the members’ casting skills have been getting better, but need a little more improvement.

“Some of the casting skills are improving, but they need to put practice in at home. Just one day a week is not enough. Also, I have shown some easy ways to correct their form. Use two hands and the key is in the wrist,” Buckner said.

Gavin Collins (11) said, “The fishing team is doing great. There are a lot of people and great fisherman potential. So far, I am enjoying it, and I think everyone on the team would say the same.”

Buckner has contacted a professional bass angled named Bill McDonald who will be coming to talk to the team on Oct. 3.

“Bill has many sponsors, fishes the FLW circuit, and is the national spokesman for Lucas Oil,” Buckner said.

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