Top team in conference challenges Warrior football team


By Elle Fleenor

With a win against the Clarksville Generals already in the books, the football team played in a challenging game against the North Harrison Cougars.

North Harrison started the night out early by scoring a touchdown followed by an extra point putting them up at 7-0. They later received a turnover against the Warriors followed by a touchdown and an extra point with a new score of 14-0 as North Harrison stays in the lead. By the end of the first quarter, North Harrison was up 20-0.

Neither of the teams scored in the third quarter, but the North Harrison came back in the fourth scoring a touchdown along with an extra point resulting in the overall score of the game 55-0.

Kent Paris (10) said that North Harrison just played harder than us Friday night.

“After the first quarter, they scored 20 points and we just gave up,” said Paris. “We need to work on blocking and we need to work on just playing as a team and not a bunch of individuals and not giving up.”

Jamison Barger (10) said, “We did not play up to our potential.”

According to Varsity Football Coach Kyle Mullins, North Harrison’s speed and strength is at the top in the conference, which was evident all night.

“Honestly, we just got manhandled from the first kick-off to the end of the game. North Harrison is a very good team,” Mullins said.

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