Ultimate frisbee tournament creates fun for students and raises money for boys’ soccer


By Elle Fleenor

Last week, over 80 students participated in the second ultimate frisbee tournament, hosted by the boys soccer team as a fundraiser. A freshmen team, the DISCiples, won a hard fought battle against Denim Danger, winning 6-5 in the championship game.

Differing from last year, the weather was wet and rainy. According to the boys’ soccer coach, Brandon Jerrell, there was a higher number in participation than the year previous. He said that 93 students signed up to participate in the event, but only between 80-90 showed up due to the weather.  

“The weather was much worse than last year. It was raining the whole time, but we had a lot bigger turnout and even the bad teams got to play at least four games, so everybody had fun even if they were not good,” said Jerrell.

Another difference from last year was that the rules were changed so all teams got to play at least four games and they could perform layouts during the games.

Jerrell said, “I like the new tournament format allowing pool play and one elimination game instead of just double elimination. It did not add much time to the tournament overall. It let everybody play more games, and allowing layouts is actual ultimate frisbee instead of watered down ultimate frisbee.”

According to Emma Vernon (9), the tournament opened many doors for her to socialize and try something new.

“I got to meet and talk to a lot of different people. I had fun playing frisbee, which is not something very many people get to do through a school tournament,” said Vernon.

Soccer Player Noah Smith (10) said, “It went really well. The soccer team raised a lot of money for the upcoming season, which was the overall goal. I am sure the participants had a lot of fun as well.”

According to Jerrell, the tournament resulted in the raising of $600 for the team’s booster club.

“The booster has bought several things for us. They buy the warmups for the kids. They buy the socks for the kids. This year they bought us a hypod to record our games with. They also did a lot of work and put some money towards the concession stand that both our team, the girls team and the track team will be using,” Jerrell said.

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