New royalty crowned at SHS football homecoming

Photo by Jaiden Herald

Overall, homecoming was a good experience for Homecoming King Camden Jones (12). It’s something that he never thought he would do. Being crowned king was unexpected for him, but he said it felt good to be wearing the crown. Camden liked the experience of it all, it was good to him and he thinks that more people should try it.

“I don’t really like getting all the attention. It was kinda unwanted, but it comes with it so I’ll take it,” said Jones.

Photo by Jaiden Herald

Homecoming Queen Kassidy Tutterow (12) took quite a risk showing up in a sparkling aqua blue dress for football homecoming, but she looked absolutely stunning. She never usually dresses up at school, so she liked surprising people when she dressed up for homecoming.

“I felt joy, like people liked me enough to vote for me for queen so that felt good,” said Tutterow when talking about how she felt when she was being crowned.

Kassidy walked out there with the “best escort she could ask for”, Dylan Campbell (12) and she loved being on court alongside her two best friends: Jamie Jones (12) and Savannah Smith (12).

She kind of liked the attention she got afterwards because she felt famous; everyone wanted to talk to her or take pictures with her.

There was this little girl who said, “Look! A mermaid,” when she spotted Tutterow which immediately melted her heart, so she took a picture with the little girl.

She had fun dancing with her good friend Camden Jones (12) considering they’ve been friends since the third grade. Kassidy loved how the dance had lots of positive energy and she thought it was very enjoyable.

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