Pep club looks to raise school spirit through attendance at games and participation in pep sessions

Photo by Riya Bhula

By Riya Bhula

Pep Club is mainly for choosing the theme for games, organizing pep sessions and trying to get more people to go to games.

“In the past years, it has [school spirit/pep club] been bad, but it is making a comeback. Slowly, but surely,” said Kynleigh Watson (11).

According to Watson, school spirit has been low over the years. Students stopped going to most sport games and spent more time in their home, but this year, Pep Club has been trying to raise more school spirit.

“I think underclassmen should participate more because if our school comes together, it will be even more fun. Underclassmen should not be scared to come to events because they might think that we will laugh at them,” said Lauren Jeffries (11).

Multiple students have said that Pep Club should start doing more like make the pep sessions more exciting and make announcements for games on that day and try to get more people to go. People said that Pep Club should make announcements during lunch to get the school more excited for games and get more students to go and support our teams.

“I feel like if we were just more excited about going to games then more people would go. Our school spirit certainly needs to be raised, and I think over time, Pep Club will do more,” said Jeffries.

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