Parents live through children to achieve goals they did not personally reach

By Jillian Smith

Parents always tell their children that they want what is best for them. They brag to people about objectives their child achieves, but hide when their kid fails. It has become apparent to me that some kids are scared if they mess up, because their parent is going to be angry at them. Is the parent angry because they know their child can do better, or are they think their child’s mistakes make them look bad?

In most situations, parents want what is best for their child. They know they can succeed and think they have raised them to do so. They are taught that it is okay to fail, but they work with their child to help them get better. In other cases, parents get angry at their child for messing up or not succeeding. They make their child do things, such as sports, even if they do not want to.

In my opinion, parents often live through their children to achieve the goals they did not. Parents who live through their kids see them as a second chance to do things differently then they did. It can really put a lot of stress on a child who is lived through. The pressure parents put on them often pushes them to not want to do what the parents originally wanted.

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