Technology based punishments become a major downfall in modern parenting

By Sadie Fugate

One of the most pressing topics in today’s society is the idea of parenting and how it should be done. These days, this process is much different from what it was 50, or even 30, years ago. Modern parenting consists of so many other factors that parenting a generation ago did not have.

One of the most influential factors in parenting today is technology. Punishments for wrongful actions that children commit today almost always revolve around technology. “You’re grounded from your phone” or “No TV for a week” are common phrases in modern parenting vocabulary. I do not think that this is very effective in kids because they know that they can just catch up on their favorite TV show next week, or that they have an iPad in their room and their phone being taken away is not a problem.

Back when our parents were being raised, technology was not a factor in punishment options. Other things, like not being allowed to go out of the house or not being able to see your friends for a certain amount of time was more common form of punishment. This, to me, seems a little harsh. Being confined to your house and missing out on a bunch of activities that your friends are engulfing themselves in seems like it is taking it too far.

I feel as though there should be a happy medium between modern day punishments and punishments of those from older generations in order for kids to be punished correctly and actually learn from their mistakes. Personally, I think taking away all of the child’s electronics and making them engage in some kind of activity outside of the house is a good form of punishment. Not only does it teach the child a lesson, but could also broaden the child’s horizons a bit. Punishments ultimately boil down to what the child did and is the parents discretion as to what those punishments are.

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