Composition class finds new and unique way to bond

By Abby Johanningsmeier

Shrieks of laughter and fear are becoming common in local stores; Jay-C Food Store in particular seems to be the popular location for tagging composition students. The week after Labor Day, the dual-credit Composition class and select celebrity participants, started their very own version of the traditional game of tag.

I saw the movie Tag and thought it looked like fun. I wanted to have something to allow my Comp. students to have a better connection with one another and to enjoy themselves,” said composition teacher, Julie Wells. “Senior year can get too stressful at times.

According to the “Official Tag Rules – Composition Edition” the rules for the game include the following…

  1. No tags on school property
  2. No tag-backs
  3. When tagged you most hold it for five minutes before tagging again
  4. When tagged you have to post on twitter #whosit

The most important rule for this game is simply to be safe, smart and to have fun. “We are having fun with it, and people are starting to get creative on finding their targets,” said Wells.

Despite the fun of simply playing the game, there is also an incentive for playing. One dollar must be paid to Wells in order to participate and whenever you are tagged “it.” However each consecutive day someone is “it” they have to pay 25 cents. According to Wells, the money will be used for a small class activity but the majority will go to a worthy cause.

“I have something in mind,” she said.

“I’ve been it one time. Mrs. Wells tagged me at work. I tried to hide from her, but my boss made me talk to her, and she tagged me,” said Izzy Staser (12).

Eliza Mount (12) believes that tag is helping those in the composition class. “I think it is helping the senior class…to better bond together,” Eliza said.

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