Football sectional hosted at Scottsburg for the first time

By Elle Fleenor

For the first time ever, Scottsburg High School hosted their sectional. In a game against Silver Creek, the team wrapped up their season with an unfortunate loss, but a memorable, lesson-learning experience.

According the Noah Smith (10), the team went into the game with a game plan of trying to keep the ball out of the hands of a certain player, #19.

“We prepared the best we could have considering considering our game plan going into the game. It all just came down to physicality and who was going to hit harder. They wanted it more than we did and that’s why they won the game. We obviously could have done better, but that just means more improvement for next season,” Smith said. 

In the first quarter of the game, Scottsburg did not score while Silver Creek scored 14 points. By halftime, Silver Creek had a total of 27 points, while Scottsburg had seven from a touchdown and extra point. Scottsburg did not score in the third either, but Silver Creek’s score was 48. The final score of the game was 55-21 with Silver Creek taking the win.

Coach Steve Deaton said, “Friday’s game wasn’t as bad as the final score indicated–just like our team. We have flashes of brilliance, and also the mistakes and lack of strength you’d expect from primarily underclassmen.”

With “definite bright spots” in the game, senior Kaden Sparkman excelled in his final game of his high school career, according to Coach Kyle Mullins.

“Kaden Sparkman had a very nice game and played his heart out in his last game at Warrior Field. Once again, our underclassmen showed great promise for the future,” Mullins said.

Sparkman said, “We played hard, but we could have played a lot harder. I’m upset with the outcome, but I’m glad that we had the opportunity to play our first sectional game at home.”

As the 2018 football season is now over, coaches are in preparation to being conditioning during the off season. Deaton said that he is in hopes for dedication and focus occurring in the weight room. “We have to get stronger as a team,” he said, “Also, we will have opportunities during the off season to devote time to position skill and development per ISHAA guidelines.”
“This off-season will be extremely important for our program from a developmental aspect. We return nine starters on offense and nine starters on defense. A good deal of our starters are current sophomores. Our off-season strength and conditioning program has to be well attended and our players must make it a priority so that we may get stronger, faster, and more physical. I hope to average 40+ high school players in the weight room this winter, but as some of our athletes are multi-sport”, Mullins said.

The off season strength and conditioning program will begin on Monday, Nov. 12 in the weight room, and will occur every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. after school. According to Mullins, working during the off season is not only great for strength and speed, but also mental toughness, injury prevention, team bonding and confidence.

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