Sunshine volleyball tournament produces fun and competition for teams

By Alli Thompson

From a team dressed in khakis to a team of teachers, the SHS Sunshine/HiY hosted its first annual volleyball tournament on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at McClain Hall.

“It was a lot of fun to play in the tournament with my friends and against the teachers,” said Lindsey Pfaffenbach (12).

Eleven teams participated in the tournament and only one team was reigned the champion. Sunshine President Olivia Ruel (12) ran the tournament and also played on the Senior Squad team. Each game was played to 25 and a tie resulted in both teams playing until one team was able to win by two.

The Senior Squad of Anne Noble, Jaime Jones, Olivia Reul, Eliza Mount, Lindsey Pfaffenbach, Cameron Gaffney and Patrick Lincoln faced the Dub Squad of Mitchell Prince (12), Colin Ogle (12), Nick Sebastiao (11), Treyton Ownes (10), Ryan Gibson (10) and Alex Witt (10) in the championship game.

“We made the team at lunch and almost won,” said Ogle (12).  

The Dub Squad fought hard but fell short leaving the Senior Squad as the tourney champs.

There was a $30 fee for each team to participate in the tournament. Drink, snacks and baked good were also sold at the tournament and Sunshine was able to raise over $500 for the Sunshine State Convention.

Reul said, “We are hosting the first ever Sunshine State Convention here at Scottsburg and all the money we raised is going for the state funds.”

The Sunshine State Convention is Nov. 9 and 10.

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