Warrior basketball team prepares for season and promotes team bonding through Warrior Challenge

By Alli Thompson

By Alli Thompson

As the third year of the Warrior Challenge has came to an end, the team focused on making time in the classroom to work on different mental skills as well as in the weight room to work on the physical aspect of the game.

“The purpose is to get the players into shape for basketball while making it competitive and promote team bonding,” said Head Basketball Coach Brent Jameson.

A few things the team completed in the challenge were timed miles, baseline ladders, man eaters, 5 two hundred meter sprints and 5 one hundred meter sprints.

Mitchell Prince (12) said, “The Warrior Challenge is the ultimate test of what you are capable of physically and mentally.”

Almost everyday for the last two weeks the boys have been completing the mental edge training program and were awarded either a 5 Star, 4 Star or 3 Star athlete depending on how many points they received at the end of the challenge. The 5 Star athletes are Nicholas Sebastiao (11), Treyton Owens (10) and Patrick Lincoln (12). The 4 Star athletes are Noah Smith (10), Hayden Cutter (9), Mitchell Prince (12) and Ryan Gibson (10) and Javis Roush (9) as a 3 Star athlete. According to coach Jacob Dunn the overall winner was Lincoln with 383 points. The awards were given out at a team breakfast before school on Nov.1.

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