New version of old game attracts obsession from teens


By Jillian Smith

The new Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 has new features that players are beginning to become obsessed with. The multiplayer, first-person, modern day video game came out on Oct. 12, 2018. This game is the 15th Call of Duty made by the company Treyarch, but the fourth Black Ops produced by the company.

The price on the game varies from $38-$66, depending on what device you are playing it on.

The new game has been said to take a step back or two. It is a boots on ground game, basically meaning there is no special jumps or easier paths to get somewhere. Something also new is the new Blackout Battle Royal style.  This new gaming experience is said to have the largest map in Call of Duty history, which people are having mixed feelings about.

Bradley Smith (10) said, “This is my favorite Black Ops that has came out so far. I have only played it five or six times, but I love playing with all of the artificial intelligent zombies.”

Benton Shields (10) had a different opinion. “This Call of Duty would probably be in my top five favorite Call of Duties. Things I do not like are having to adapt to the new game style and the health regeneration being super slow,” said Shields.

Typically the modes stay similar on all of the different Call of Duty: Black Ops games, but having the new and trendy Battle Royal style, the modes have switched up a little bit. According to James Smith (10), the modes are way more advanced this go around. Also, this game has the biggest zombie offering ever produced on the game, which the company states “gives it a more surreal look.” 

The Black Op series has many different modes. There are five “Hardcore” Multiplayer modes that most gamers play.  

“By far, the domination mode is my least favorite. I love playing the team match death mode. It is the simplest to understand and all you do is search and destroy. It is what you typically think of when you imagine the game,” stated Noah Smith (10).

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