Immigrants take a risk for a free life

By Alivia Lytle

Women, children and families are all on the path to a free country but are not prepared for what to expect.

Thousands of immigrants are traveling by foot to America for the chance of a better life. There have been chances of disease and injury, but these immigrants are taking that risk.

According to Business Insider, thousands of US troops are “building barriers and hardening ports of entry, but the US military says it does not have a clear plan for what to do when the migrant caravans arrive.”

Why is there no plan and when are they going to have a plan?

These countries the immigrants are coming from are some of the places Americans can not travel to due to the lack of safety there. Yet these people that want to come here because they want to feel safe. They want to be free. They want a better life.

Recently, hundreds of migrants from a different caravan peacefully marched toward the San Ysidro port of entry, but the Mexican police blocked them from getting in. When the migrants tore down barbed wire, agents threw tear gas from the U.S. side into Mexico affecting many of the migrants according to azcentral.

The immigrants from this caravan should have the chance to obtain a work visa just like every other person that is not an American citizen. They should be able to have the same opportunities as everyone else. If they are trying to get into America, the security forces should be helping in a peaceful manner and should refrain from using gases and harmful weapons.

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