Warriorettes hit stride on season with rivalry victory


By Elle Fleennor

The Warriorette’s basketball team recently added two more wins to their record from the games against Austin and Brownstown with one loss from a game against North Harrison.

With the six point difference in the final score against North Harrison, Kady Clancy (10) reflects on the game as “okay.”

Clancy said, “We started out really patient and hesitant with our shots on offense because they had two tall girls in the middle on defense. At the end of the third quarter, we were down by a good 14 or 16 points. In the middle of the fourth quarter, we all started having a comeback and we came within three. By the time of that, we had to foul because it was so late in the game. The final score was 50-44. We played really well together as a team. We were just too patient on our offense in the beginning.”

Star players of the game were Jaylah Mays (11), Isabela Brewster (12), Clancy and Zoe Zellers (10). Mays scored a total of 18 points, two rebounds, two assists and two steals. Brewster scored 12 points, four rebounds and an assist and steal. Clancy scored eight points with a rebound, three assists and two steals. Zellers scored six points, six rebounds and a steal and block.

The annual rivalry game against the Austin Lady Eagles resulted in a win for the Warriorettes with the final score of 54-44.

Jaime Jones (12) said, “We were predicted to lose by over 10, and I think that lit a fire under us to prove that wrong. We played really well under the pressure, and we exceeded the expectations the community had for us.”

Star players in this game included Mays, Zellers, Brewster and Jones. Mays scored a total of 21 points, two rebounds, 2 assists, three steals and a block. Zellers scored 20 points, 10 rebounds, two assists and two blocks. Brewster scored six points, seven rebounds, two steals and had one block. Jones scored five points with two rebounds and a steal.

Another win came from the two point led final score of 58-56 against Browntown for the Warriorettes.

Heaven Bewick (12) said, “The game was intense because we were down by quite a bit of points, but we slowly got back into it, and then Kady Clancy hit a three to send us into overtime. We battled it out until we came out on top.”

Star played included Mays with 23 points, Kynleigh Watson (11) with 12, Clancy with nine, Brewster with eight and Zellers with six.


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