Society should not pressure people to risk quality for “equality”

By Savannah Baird

Size matters, race matters, gender matters, religion matters, everyone and everything matter. However equality should not have an effect on the quality of what brands and films produce. Society has taken public equality too far and it needs to be toned down. Sure we see new gay actors and new weight ranges in models, but that does not mean that away from the public eye these gay people and overweight women get treated the same. Just because we publicly announce that being gay or overweight is “ok” and “we don’t discriminate” does not mean that behind closed doors these people will change their minds about how they feel towards people.

I have watched over the years as movies and TV shows have lost their quality due to the producers need to please society.

One of my favorite TV shows Grey’s Anatomy has been taken over by a race movement. It is subtle, but it is there. The character Miranda Bailey is played by an amazing actress, who happens to be black. Bailey is one of my favorite characters, however she has recently been used to portray a feminist and a colored “victim” who has had to fight tooth and nail to become chief of surgery. Although this is true, Miranda Bailey, in all of the seasons until this past one has never acted as a victim. She has never acted as though she was not worthy for her status due to her color or gender until now. She had a heart attack and blamed it on the pressure of being a black female chief of surgery, and how she had to be perfect or she would be cut from the job.

As if that would not happen to any other chief of surgery if they were not good enough. If I had not watched this show for so many years and come to love Bailey, this change would not have bothered me. However, Miranda Bailey’s character is known for thick skin; her interns called her “The Nazi” because she was so hard on them. That is what shatters the quality of her character, because society said she was a victim, because society convinced them to change her so late in the series.

Another series I watched is Days of Our Lives. I used to watch this show with my mother ever since I was a little girl, then the quality of the show began to drown in the process of adding equality. The worry of including someone from every category of minority took over  and the producers stopped looking at the quality of acting. Bad actors took the place of old characters that were played by good actors and they added in bad actors just to give a gay presence. The acting suffered to please society and now the show has lost viewers because of the loss of quality. Either way they could not make everyone happy, and they lost viewers. In the end they could have just found actors that fit both qualities. However, they did not and the show suffered.  

Deadpool two, good movie right? I agree, minus the actor who played Fire Fist. Fire Fist’s character is a tall, blonde, masculine male, and yet in the movie, Fire Fist is short, overweight and brunette. The actor to me was just an annoying attempt to bring in a minority. He was not white like the original comic book character and his accent was poorly done. After seeing the perfect rendition of Deadpool, it is evident that the producers could have done better. It was clear that the producers chose to merely include a variety of actors and not to stay true to the original character or find a decent actor to play him.

An even more recent instance of this is the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The show has not even been aired yet, and people are already complaining about the lack of plus sized models. What they need to realize is that Victoria’s Secret is a brand. Their models are part of that brand, and the brand is showcased with skinny women. They should not have to change that because some people do not feel included. There are plenty of plus sized models now, and they do not have to be in every magazine or on every runway.

Gays, females, minorities and plus sized people can be included without overthrowing the point of a movie or the brand of a store. Society has become so focused on inclusion and less on the product quality. If we are willing to change things to make us happy why can we not just put the same effort into finding an alternative. Shop at a store that showcases plus sized models, or watch a show that already has gays in it rather than hating on a brand or producer until they succumb to the demands of society that render their products quality-less. The problem is not with the inclusion itself, it is with the way we have forced producers to go about including people.

They become so worried about including everyone that they do not look as hard into the skill of that person.  You can not invite everyone into the secret treehouse club, eventually the treehouse will fall and nobody will be happy.

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