ASMR proven to help with daily struggles like stress, anxiety and depression

By Savannah Baird

You are stressed. You are tired. You do not want to be at school and you do not want to work that shift and miss those few hours of sleep. It takes you two hours to fall asleep in the first place and getting home at 10 from your shift takes away more sleep. You have homework you have to shower and you need to get 8 hours of sleep. There was a lot of drama at school today your essay is not done and you still have to do your christmas shopping. You have no idea how to get rid of the stress. That bubble bath does not help, and you are looking for anything that will. That thing is ASMR.

Some people think that ASMR is a joke, that it is creepy, that it does not work. Most of those people have never tried it, but some have and it has not worked for them. However, for most people ASMR does exactly what it was made to do. According to an article by Emma L. Barratt and Nick J. Davis​ most people who watch ASMR videos feel better and more relaxed after a video.

People with depression and anxiety and people with chronic pain were a part of the mix of people in this article. They felt more relaxed, less depressed and their chronic pain symptoms lessened. December can be a depressing time of year; teens can become stressed and develop anxiety, and some people just need a way to relax. ASMR has been proven to help with all of these daily troubles.

The term ASMR was coined almost nine years ago. February 25, 2010, was the first recorded ASMR video. Over time the phenomenon became popular after cyber security professional Jennifer Allen founded a facebook page called the ASMR Group. She gave ASMR it’s official nonclinical name which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Since then youtubers have sprouted from all over the world recording all kinds of different ASMR videos using unique things to create new sounds. Some popular sounds are mic brushing, tapping, scratching and water sounds.

Now you come home from work, you do your homework at school and you make your shopping list. Lastly you pull out your phone, open up youtube, and click on the latest and greatest ASMR video. In five minutes you feel relaxed. In 10 minutes your stress and worries leave you because you are focused solely on listening to the sounds coming from your earbuds. In 20 minutes, you are asleep. You get an extra hour and 40 minutes of sleep that night. When you wake up in the morning, you are relaxed and ready for the day.

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