Massachusetts sets high standards for gun control in America

By Donald Arbuckle

The United State is a country known for being a place with freedoms that make it different than other places, but a common problem that occurs in the United States is mass shootings. Statistically, the United States has the largest number of gun-related causalities and some states want that to change.

Massachusetts, for example, has enforced new laws that make getting a gun harder or impossible for some people. To first obtain a gun, one can’t go to the local gun shop. He or she has to acquire a gun permit from the local police department. Getting this permit is very time-consuming. According to Vox, there are thorough background checks, an interview and paperwork. Then if some successfully get, the permit, he or she can go to the gun store.

This may be a strict and tedious task, but it could be a solution to America’s mass shooting problem.

Some states have little to no laws which make it easier to obtain a gun. This could be problematic because this just makes it easier for a mentally unstable individual to obtain and use the gun. That seems to be where people are divided. Most people agree that as U.S. citizens, have the constitutional right to own guns, yet others believe that guns are the cause to most violent related crimes within the U.S.

The increased numbers in mass shootings are making gun control seem more plausible. Massachusetts might be setting an example for the rest of the states in the U.S., but one state can only do so much.

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