Peer pressure has negative influences on students

By Riya Bhula

“It’s not like it’ll hurt you. Just take a sip. Everyone’s doing it,” said the guy you’ve had a crush on. You decided to drink the beer that he’s offering you, not thinking about the consequences. The next morning you wake up in a bed that’s not yours.

During this time of age, influencing your peers isn’t hard to do. You can influence a person in both negative and positive ways. A negative way of influencing is often used to get the victim to do something the other person wants for their own benefit. Teenagers often feel like we need to fit in with the people around us. In response to this, we often do things that we are told to do because we don’t want to be made fun of, according to

In today’s world, teenagers tend to judge people if our peers are doing it because of peer pressure. When a person is around a group of their friends and the majority of them say that a guy/girl is ugly, you will join in and say that they’re ugly too even if you don’t think that. Peer pressure is always around us, in the little things we do everyday. With learning how to say “no” to peer pressure and having a higher self-confidence, you can easily avoid peer pressure according to

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