Spanish club attempts to revamp activities this year

By Donald Arbuckle

Spanish club has been around for quite some time, but members and the club organizer are making an attempt to be more active and popular with students.

“We are going to start something new this year. We are making Spanish Club an activity and support system. It is going to be a tool to help peers tutor others,” said Lana Coverdale.

The club wants to be more than about teaching Spanish; they want the members to learn about the cultures and to teach others their experiences during and after the club.

“ It [Spanish Club] is an environment were Spanish skills are reinforced,” stated Coverdale. “As an activity this year I really want to help a school in Costa Rica by giving them what they need..”

Coverdale stressed that Spanish Club is more than teaching Spanish. She wants it to be a social club of people who want to pursue Spanish further.

“It introduces you to the culture, not just the language; it is a fun experience,” stated Natalie Craig (12).

It is an experience for students to share what they learned with others and possibly help and teach their peers.

“The Spanish club is used for people who want to better their Spanish, but it has a social aspect to it. I don’t want to exclude anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish. I don’t want them to feel unwelcome,” commented Coverdale.

Meetings are in Mrs. Lana Coverdale at room, 130.

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