More attention needs drawn to the declining health of our earth

By Savannah Baird

Air, oxygen, the product that trees produce to allow us to breathe and live on this world. It goes by many names, but no matter what we call it we all need it and still; we pollute it.

We throw trash in a barrel and burn it releasing pollution into the air. We build power plants and factories that send smoke into the atmosphere that contaminates our air. We grow and market smoke in a role called cigarettes to make a buck. We are slowly filling our lungs with smoke and blame our problems on anything and everything we can think of to free ourselves from blame.

If we spent less time making things that pollute our earth and more time finding a solution to the problem imagine how much greener the earth would be. Recycling is a wonderful thing, why do we not do it more often? According to an article on about 75 percent of waste that is thrown into landfills is recyclable and yet it sits in a heap growing everyday. The average person produces 4 ½ pounds of trash a day, take that times each person, each day of the year. How healthy is our planet today? How polluted? How many pounds of garbage, that could be reused, a day pollute our earth?

What about the water? Our drinking water, bathing water, laundry water; landfills pollute the water too. I know shocker, but think about where we put the trash. Think about the fish and sealife dying that we fish for to eat. There goes some of our food due to pollution. We filter our water but what about those who live in Africa, or even closer to home in big cities where they can not afford to fix their faucet that is leaking brown water.  

If we can send men into space and create battery charged cars, why can we not use some of that brain power to find a solution to our decaying earth? We are so worried about how we look and what people think of us, or what Kylie Jenner will wear to her next red carpet, yet somehow we could care less about how green the grass is and how large the ice is. We know it is a problem, why not try to fix it so we can continue to obsess over our favorite celebrities for another billion years to come.

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