District 2 Board renews Dr. Slaton’s Contract 5-0

By Jaiden Herald

On Tuesday night at the monthly board meeting, the renewal of SCSD2 Superintendent Marc Slaton’s contract was up for vote. The meeting room was packed with teachers, students and members of the community there to voice their opinion on the matter and await the vote.

According to senior Madelyn Shelton the student body at SHS is in favor of Dr. Slaton and the work he does.

When speaking to the board Shelton said, “[Dr. Slaton] has given me and other kids in this community opportunities we wouldn’t have had.” Shelton went on to encourage the board to vote to renew the contract in order to afford other students those same opportunities.

Prominent members of the community such as Mayor Bill Graham and interim Scott County Sheriff Kenny Hughbanks were also in attendance at the meeting.

“SCSD2 is unbelievable at what they do. They are unmatched in school safety. Slaton is for the kid’s best interests,” said Hughbanks to the board.

Those in attendance wishing to speak were permitted three minutes to voice their opinions.

Eighth grader English teacher Shelby Boley, when speaking to the board, said, “A vote against Slaton is a vote against the community. He deserves our support.”

After the meeting, Boley concluded that a vote for Slaton was a vote for the kids.

Before a motion regarding the vote was made, members of the school board spoke.

Board member Ron Moore said, “We do appreciate you coming in here, but we do not make decisions based off public opinion. We can not do that. We had our minds made up before we came in here or at least I did.”

After comments School Board President Jason Kendall asked for a motion. Board member Andrea Soloe made a motion to renew the contract. When put to a vote, the board voted to renew the contract 5-0.

Dr. Slaton said, “[I’m] humbled, very humbled. Excited at the same time though. To get to continue to lead the district is exciting. We have a great team and we’re going to continue to do great things for students.

Slaton’s contract will be for the duration of one year.

Regarding the community’s support, Slaton also said,“[I’m] overwhelmed and humbled again. There were many people who came and gave up their night to come and say a lot of great things about Scott 2. I’m just excited and proud to be apart of that team here in the district and to think our community loves our school district means a lot to me.”

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