SHS students welcome student immigrants into class

By Alivia Lytle

“When I was younger, my brother and I were at home and some people came in and they tried to kill me,” said Newcomer Academy student Eli Mfitumukiza in his interview with Casey Brewer (12), Kaylee Newton (12) and Meghan Hoffman (12). “They were going to cut my throat with a knife, but my brother fought them off.”

On Nov. 30, students from the New Tech Block Class Political Perspectives took a trip to the Newcomer Academy in Louisville, KY. There, the students got to interview the students from the Academy to learn about their life.

At the Newcomer Academy, students from over 40 different countries have the chance the learn the English language. The ages range from 9-11 grade and the students spend three semesters there.

“I had standards for the foundations of government and I was trying to make it authentic so I thought about connecting it to failing states because they do not have a good foundation of government. I started calling refugee businesses in Louisville until I found one willing to do a partnership. After that, it was just easy to plan,” said New Tech teacher Mrs. Whittney Shafer.

“My favorite experience was meeting new people from a different country and learning how different it is where they used to live than being in America,” said Jimmy Neace (12).

Some activities all of the students from the academy like to do are: play football, ride bicycles, listen to music, play basketball, play soccer and much more.

Although in some of the interviews students talked about the good times they had back in their home country, some students were told heartbreaking stories.

Newton’s student Mfitumukiza was from Uganda and he told her that the military was raiding the place where his grandparents and parents live, so the military came in and killed his grandparents in front of everyone with spears.

According to Shafer, on Dec. 14, the students who were interviewed will be coming to Scottsburg High School and will be in the Media Center during first and second period. The New Tech class will be presenting an iBook to Newcomer Academy that will include a Country Analysis Report and an interview reflection. After the first two periods, the Newcomer Academy students will shadow their paired New Tech students during their third period class to see what American classes are like.

“We are really excited to share this day with them,” said Shafer.

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