Basketball homecoming ceremony crowns King and Queen

By Jaiden Herald

An anxious tension filled the gym as the homecoming candidates awaited the crowning and the clock counted down closer to game time. From before the first whistle of the girls’ varsity game, tensions were high amongst players and fans on both sides. Both homecoming games brought a packed house at Meyer Gym as students, fans and parents gathered to cheer on their respective teams and watch the crowning of SHS’s basketball homecoming king and queen.

“Homecoming was a great experience for all the students involved this year. Both games had fans on their feet. It was a great atmosphere to be apart of,” said Macy Funk (11).

The boys’ homecoming ceremony was held in between the JV and varsity games against Salem’s Lady Lions on Thursday Jan. 10. Prince and king candidates walked down the red carpet with a varsity girls’ basketball player on their arm as a student council representative announced each candidate. Following a drum roll, Carson Evans (12) was crowned king by girls’ basketball head coach Donna Cheatham.

“I was really grateful for the opportunity to be [on court] because I was was voted on there by people I really appreciate and respect. It felt great to win. It felt right. When it’s right it’s right,” Evans said.

Following the ceremony, the girls’ varsity team faced off against Salem and eventually came up short resulting in a devastating 40-42 loss for SHS. The girls’ game was not solely another game against another competitor. After falling short to the Lady Lions in last year’s sectional championship, the girls’ team had long awaited the chance to face off with what they consider to be one of their biggest opponents. The tension between the two fan bases was pliable from tip off. Throughout the night, both sides were on their feet numerous times, both cheering on their respective teams and letting their dislike for certains calls known.

On Friday night, the girls’ homecoming ceremony was held at Meyer Gym to crown the queen. Like the night prior, as each candidate’s name was announced there was a moment of deafening applause and cheers as family, friends and fans showed their support. After their procession down the red carpet, Alli Thompson (12) was crowned the 2019 basketball homecoming queen.

“[Winning queen] felt really good. I was really nervous and I was really shocked when they called my name,” said Thompson.

After the homecoming ceremony, the boys’ team faced off against the Salem Lions, eventually taking the win. Cheerblocks for both teams were on their feet the majority of the night cheering on their teams. A last second half court shot by Jimmy Neace (12) had Warrior fans demonstrating the definition of school pride and support for their team.

Before the ceremony both nights, it wasn’t uncommon to see girls lined up in hallways placing one last bobby pin or touching up their make up before the ceremony started or most of the boys adjusting their ties. Prior to and following the ceremonies most candidates were met with numerous flashing cameras and people yelling “Smile!” or “Look over here!” as friends and family lined up to take pictures.

“Homecoming was a great experience. I was honored to be apart of it. Being  a new student at SHS this year, I am very blessed to have made the friendships I have and be apart of our school’s activities,” said Bela Brewster (12).

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