Warriorettes add a loss to record but reflect on improvements

By Elle Fleenor

An unfortunate loss was added to the girls’ basketball team’s record after their homecoming game Friday night against the Salem Lady Lions. The team is now 17-3. The last time the team played Salem was in the sectional championship from last season. 

Zoe Zellers (10) said, “We lost and were devastated. We wanted a come back this time. Both sides knew it was going to be a good game.”

The team agrees that their comeback was something they worked for and that they are extremely proud of.

Kady Clancy (10) said, “I am very proud that we never gave up. We had some rough moments, but we came together and made a good comeback. We just came up short.”

Zellers added that the team was not nervous.

“It was an amazing comeback,” Zellers said, “Coming out of halftime, we were not really nervous. It has happened before. I knew we could do it again.”

Although the team is disappointed with the loss, they are proud of their improvements. 

Clancy said, “I am super disappointed we did not win but ready to play them in sectionals. This loss motivates us.”

Zellers said, “It was definitely an improvement from last year. I am proud of our effort, but I was disappointed we came up short.”

The team will be playing again on Thursday, Jan. 17 at home. JV will play at 6 p.m. and varsity will follow playing at 7:30 p.m. 

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