January monthly trends

By Jillian Smith

Hair Barrettes

When girls were little, our parents would always stick these colorful barrettes in our hair to keep it out of our eyes. Now, girls are wearing them again and clipping them in their pockets for an extra flare of color!

Mom Jeans

While you sometimes find mothers wearing high-waisted and baggy jeans, now teens are in love with them. They are finding them anywhere from thrift shops to American Eagle.

From Shape.com


The skater shoe has been around forever, but almost every teen owns a pair of the easy to match shoe.

From Global.rakuten.com

Record Players and Vinyls

Coming back from the mid-1890s, these trendy Victrola record players are making a comeback. Very popular artist have their songs out on vinyls and teens are in love.

From Amazon.com

Pictures out in the snow

Snow is falling, and Instagram is calling. Girls and boys both upload pictures to show the beautiful scenery of winter.

From pixabay.com

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